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  1. After logging in to Canvas, select your course from the Courses menu at the top.

Grades button.jpg

  1. Click Grades in the left-hand navigation bar. This loads the course gradebook, showing individual scores for your work.

Current calculated score.jpg

  1. In the top right hand corner is your current calculated score. Note that the default score does not include ungraded items. Uncheck Calculate based only on graded assignments to see your actual progress score.
  2. More details for any individual item in the gradebook may include:

Current grades.jpg

Speech bubble.jpg (Speech bubble) comments from your teacher on your work
Grade checkmark.jpg (Checkmark) Scoring details, including point comparisons
(Grid) Rubric criteria, points, and feedback
Note: Clicking (Grid) will take you into the assignment itself to view the rubric

Clicking on the title of a graded item will open that assignment, including your submission (if any).

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