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Textbook publishers commonly provide "e-packs", "course cartridges", or other supplementary materials. Since Canvas is still a fairly new LMS, few publishers are producing supplementary materials in a Canvas-readable format. This page documents known compatibilities and possible workarounds for different publisher materials.

For the sake of consistency, we'll refer to any installable publisher packages as "course cartridges" or just "cartridges" in this document.

General Advice

  1. First and foremost, faculty should ask the publisher if they can or will provide a Canvas-compatible course cartridge. Even if you know they don't have one, this kind of feedback may encourage the publisher to get on board.
  2. If a Canvas cartridge is not available, try to import a Blackboard or Angel format cartridge, as Canvas supports both of this course package types already.
  3. You can also ask if a "Common Cartridge" format package is available. (Common Cartridge is a global format for learning materials packages). Canvas should accept Common Cartridge.
  4. Finally, ask for a cartridge format that is compatible with Blackboard Vista, aka WebCT Vista, aka Campus Edition 6-8 (presuming you still have access to a Bb Vista instance).

Common Cartridge Packages

Blackboard Vista/Campus Edition Packages

Possible sources: McGraw-Hill, Cengage, Pearson

If you have access to an instance of Bb Vista or Campus Edition 6-8, ask your publisher for a compatible course cartridge. You can import that package into Bb Vista, then use Canvas's migration tool to bring most of the package directly into Canvas.

Quizzes & Question Banks

Some publisher course cartridges imported into Bb Vista will not make quizzes or question banks visible to Canvas's migration tool. A Canvas migration attempt would bring in all the course materials except question banks or quizzes.

A work-around for this is to directly export all the quizzes or question banks from Bb Vista. This produces an IMS-compliant package that can then be imported into a Canvas course.

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