The Grades tool in Canvas provides a Gradebook that is simple to set up and easy to edit.

Creating a Letter Grading Scheme

To set up a Letter Grade scheme, first enter your course

1. Go to Settings

2. Under Course Details click Edit Course Details

3. Choose Enable course grading scheme, then click set grading scheme Grading scheme enable.jpg

4. To edit your Grading Scheme click the pencil edit icon in the top right Grading scheme edit.jpg

5. You can name your grading scheme and adjust percentage ranges and letter grades

6. Click Save when finished, then close the Grading Scheme and click Update Course Details

Gradebook Columns

Gradebook columns can only be added through the Assignments area. In Canvas, an "Assignment" is any graded student work, and could include papers, projects, quizzes, discussions, participation, attendance etc.


Entering or Editing Scores

To enter or edit a grade for a student, simply click in the field and type the score:


Canvas saves the score immediately, with no need to click a "submit" button.

You can access a student's assignment details by clicking the dialogue bubble in the corner of the field:


This allows you to quickly enter comments and view submission files (as you would do through the Speed Grader).


Gradebook Features and Settings

Ignoring Ungraded Assignments

By default, students' cumulative grades ignore ungraded assignments--this gives you a better picture of where they are at any given time in the semester. You can change this in the Options menu:


Final Grade Weighting & Percentages

Final grade weights are based on Assignment Groups. You can establish the percentage weight for Assignment Groups by clicking the Options menu and choosing Manage Group Weights:

Grades-manage weights.jpg

Dropping the Lowest/Highest X Scores

How do I drop the lowest 1 or more scores?

Custom functionality like dropping the lowest X number of scores is done from within Assignments by editing an Assignment Group.

Changing Column or Row Order

The Options menu lets you sort the gradebook by rows and columns. You can not manually change the order of gradebook columns except by sorting.

View Grading History

Downloading and Uploading Scores

Column Options

Clicking the drop-down arrow atop any column will show the column options: Grades-col-options.jpg

  • Assignment Details takes you to the Assignment itself.
  • Set Default Grade lets you insert a default score for all students in that column. This doesn't necessarily overwrite existing scores.
  • Hide Column hides the column from your view (?).
  • Publish does ?

Additional Resources

Click here to see the Canvas Grade Book PDF.

Known Issues

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