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Inside a Canvas course web site you'll find that the default home page view (for both teachers and students) is the Communication Stream. This can be changed to any of the following options by clicking Change Homepage Layout at the top right:


Page I'll Design Myself

This option allows you to set a Canvas Page as your course home page. This can include media, tables, hyperlinks both within and outside of the course, etc.


Faculty can use this page to link to their Syllabus from the course home page, but many other useful home page links are possible using the Page Tools menu on the right, including:

This option uses a Canvas wiki Page called "Front Page". Be sure not to delete or rename this Page from the Pages menu.

See Syllabus and Creating Course Content for more details.

Course Modules/Sections

Canvas Modules provide a means of organizing and sequencing content and activities. The Modules home page view simply lists those modules top to bottom, with contents and activities listed in each. This creates a long view of the course, but if Modules are the core of your course organization, it's a very complete view of the learning sequences.

Assignment List

Lists all Assignments and their due dates.

Assignment List with Syllabus

This includes the dynamically generated Canvas Syllabus, which lists all assigned activities in the course by due date.

Known Issues

  • A Page I'll Design Myself uses Pages, and you can not add links to individual Modules.
  • You can only have one link to any given file in Modules. E.g. if you have a link to a PDF in a Module, adding another link to the same PDF in a different Module will remove the first link.
  • Changing the name of a file in a Module will change the file name inside Files, as well. This is only a surface effect, however. E.g. if you make a link to the file "just1976reading.pdf" in a Module, then change the name of the link to "Just (1976) Article" the Files area will show the file as "Just (1976) Article".
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