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Getting Started in Canvas


Canvas Preview Demo (with video)

Logging In

Contact your institution for information on how to access Canvas. UVU faculty would login to UVLink, then click on the Canvas icon.

Canvas Main Page

Once you've logged in you'll first notice the Communication Stream in the central column--this shows you recent activity in all of your Canvas course web sites.

The Communication Stream in Canvas.

Above the Communication Stream are Global links to Courses, Assignments, Grades, and Calendar. Global because they cover all your courses.

Global links in Canvas.

Access to your user Profile, Messaging, Logout, and Help are available on the top right of your screen. These links are available on most pages.

Profile and Messaging links in Canvas.

Also notice the To Do list on the right. This links to any submitted work that you need to submit/grade or otherwise attend to.

To Do List.

Access a specific course from the Courses drop-down menu at the top. There is also an option to Customize the links to remove previous or unused courses.

Course links in Canvas.

Navigating a Course

Inside a course you'll find a similar layout: the central column is a custom home page (defaults as the Communication Stream). A To Do list on the right of the home page. Also on the right are editing tools for the course and home page.

Home custom01.jpg

A list of available course tools is on the left--this can be customized for your course.

Most teaching activities are quickly accessed via To Do list, the Communication Stream, or through a specific tool in the tools menu.

Find out more about specific tools from our Canvas main page.

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