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In Canvas, each user has a Profile which includes contact and other information. Users can add a profile picture, maintain a portfolio, an alternative email address, and web services to enhance communication.

Editing Your Profile

Once in Canvas the Profile link is located at the top right of the screen.


Once on the Profile screen you can do the following:

  • Add an Avatar image.
  • Add another e-mail address or a text messaging number where course notification are sent.
  • Change your display name, or time zone by clicking Edit Profile button on the right.
  • Register any of the following web services or social networks that you already have accounts for at the bottom:
  • Google Docs (online office suite for collaboration)
  • Skype (audio/video calling)
  • Facebook (personal profile/social networking)
  • LinkedIn (professional profile/social networking)
  • Twitter (microblogging/instant messaging/social networking
  • Delicious (online bookmarking and sharing)
  • Diigo (online bookmarking, annotating, and sharing)

Setting Notifications and Communication Preferences

Canvas allows users to receive course notifications through a variety of internet services such as email, SMS/text, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

To adjust how Canvas notifies you of new messages, discussions, assignments, etc:

  1. From the Profile page click Communication Preferences on the left.
  2. For each of different course notifications, choose a type of communication (e.g. email, Facebook, SMS)
  3. Then select how frequently you want to be notified (e.g. Daily)
  4. Click Save Preferences at the bottom


More details are found on the Instructure Canvas Communication Preferences support page.

Known Issues

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