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SpeedGrader is a slick interface that allows teachers to quickly score, provide feedback, and engage in dialog with students on submitted assignments, discussion participation, and quizzes.

SpeedGrader Video Overview

Instructure has provided the following video explaining how the Speed Grader works. More details coming soon!

Keyboard Shortcuts

    j : Next Student
    k : Previous Student
    c : Leave Comment
    g : Change Grade
    r : Use Rubric

Scoring Peer Review Assignments

After learners have completed their peer reviews, instructors can review those reviews, and assign their own scores to the submission. Student peer reviews are visible through the Speed Grader:

Peer review grade.jpg

See Completing peer reviews for instructions for students.

Known Issues

  • Opening certain files from student attachments (e.g. PDF) within Speed Grader that use the web browser's main window may obscure Speed Grader features.
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