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Viewing Assignments

Anything in a course that is graded can be found in the Assignments. This may include submitted assignments, quizzes, discussions, or even unsubmitted activities such as participation.

To access Assignments, click 'Assignments in the left navigation.

Assignments link.jpg

A list of assignments will appear. By default, they are organized by Upcoming Assignments.

Upcoming assignments.jpg

Below the upcoming assignments are the Past Assignments.

Past assignments.jpg

Another way to view assignments is by clicking Group Assignments by Type.

Group assignments by type.jpg

This button organizes the assignments by type.

Assignments by type.jpg

Click on the appropriate assignment to submit.

Submitting an Assignment

Your instructor will decide what kinds of submissions she will accept for an assignment. She may allow any or all of the following:

  • File upload
  • Text entry
  • Web site URL (e.g. for a blog post)
  • Google Doc
  • Media upload

The following details how you might submit each type.

File Upload

Files such as .doc, .txt, .jpg can be uploaded. Click Choose File and find the file on the computer. Add comments in the text box if needed. Once ready, click Submit Assignment. To upload multiple files, click Add Another File.

File upload tab.jpg

Text Entry

Enter text into the box. Text can be bolded, italiziced or underlined as needed. Bulleted and numbered lists can be added as well. There is a comments box available in case any comments need to be made about the assignment or the submission.

Text entry tab.jpg

Website URL

A web address, or URL, can be used to submit an assignment. Cut-and-paste the web address into the Website URL textbox. Add any comments to the textbox below.

Website url tab.jpg

Google Doc

A Google Document can be submitted for an assignment. You must have authorized Canvas to access your Google Account.

Google doc tab.jpg

Media Upload

Upload a video or record yourself via web camera. Click Record Media Comment

Media upload tab.jpg

Upload a file by clicking Upload. Then click Browse to find video files to upload on the computer.

Add media.jpg

Create a video by web camera. Click Webcam

Allow webcamera.jpg

Click Allow to give Canvas access to the web camera.

Record button.jpg

Click Record when ready.

Assignment Scores and Feedback

Depending on your communication preferences, you may receive a notification from Canvas after your assignment has been graded. These notifications typically include a hyperlink directly to the assignment.

You can also find links to recent scores or feedback beneath the To Do list on the course home page:


Otherwise, you can access assignment scores and feedback directly through the assignment. Your instructor may provide any or all of the following:

  • a score (numeric or other)
  • a rubric with criteria and points
  • comments from the grader

Note that you can respond to grader comments within the assignment, and actually engage in a dialogue around an assignment. This is a great way to gain clarity about your work and feedback.

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