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Instructure Canvas is the learning management system (LMS) selected by the Utah consortium of higher education institutions to replace Blackboard Vista by Summer of 2012. The Utah Consortium's Canvas server will be hosted by the Utah Education Network (UEN).


Our current license for the Blackboard Vista learning management system (LMS) expires June 30, 2012. Since any new system--even Blackboard's replacement system (Blackboard Learn)--will require a learning curve and course migration, the Utah Education Network opened a Request for Proposals to all LMS vendors in Fall 2010. A committee representing all Utah higher ed institutions evaluated responses to the RFP and selected Instructure Canvas to replace Blackboard Vista for the consortium.

The following timeline approximates the migration schedule:

Semester Activities
Fall 2010 Institutions: campus input, committees


Decision: December
Spring 2011 UEN: Install LMS
Institutions: Campus demos, Canvas sandbox available
Summer 2011 UEN: Pilot sever
Institutions: Pilot courses, early adopters
Fall 2011 Campus-wide trainings, pilots
Spring 2012 Continue migration, trainings
Summer 2012 Institutions: Migration complete
UEN: Retire Bb Vista (July 1st)
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