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University of Utah

Canvas User Documentation (specific to UofU)


Technology Assisted Curriculum Center

We know many of you are anxious to start using Canvas. TACC will be contacting each department to schedule specific trainings and discussions about migrating your courses. In general, we will follow this migration schedule:

   * Late Spring 2011- Migrate Pilot Courses
   * Summer 2011- Migrate Fully Online Courses for Fall 2011
   * Fall 2011- Migrate Courses for Spring 2012
   * Spring 2012- Continue migrations and cleanup

We ask that you give us a few months to get the Canvas system set up for the UofU and TACC support staff trained. We will get access for instructors as soon as we have a fully supported system. Please do not sign up for or create your own Canvas accounts. This will only make your migration more difficult when the U system is ready.

We'll be posting updated information on the UOnline Blog. Please subscribe or bookmark the site and check back throughout the next few months. We are excited to help you learn and use this powerful new course environment.

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